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Alessia Shapewear Thong Bodysuit

Alessia Shapewear Thong Bodysuit

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The Alessia Shapewear Thong Bodysuit sculpts and enhances your curves with targeted compression, providing a comfortable and seamless fit. Its innovative shaping technology lifts and supports the buttocks for a flattering silhouette, while the seamless construction ensures a smooth look under any clothing. With full coverage and support for the torso, this bodysuit is a must-have for everyday or special occasions, offering both confidence and comfort as a valuable addition to your shapewear collection.

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  • 360º Snatch

    The fabric follows the shape of the body, giving the garments comfort, freedom of movement.

  • Incredibly Soft

    Our fabrics are studied for the comfort of ultra sensitive skins to prevent skin irritation.

  • Breathable

    Our clothing efficiently wicks away sweat to ensure you stay dry throughout your day

  • Keep it cool

    Our products are designed to solve all the performance issues of other activewear.


Sculpt, Smooth, and Shape: Experience Confidence with Our Shapewear Bodysuits!

  • Instant Contouring: Achieve a sleek silhouette instantly upon wearing.
  • Effortless Confidence: Enhance confidence by smoothing out unwanted bulges.
  • Comfortable Support: Experience comfortable support for improved posture and body alignment.
  • Posture Enhancement: Promotes better posture and core stability throughout the day.
  • Breathable Fabric: Crafted with breathable materials for all-day comfort.

360º stretch Technology

The elasticity and excellent shape memory of Stretch laminates allow the garments to be more comfortable by offering greater freedom of movement while being durable waterproof and breathable. The fabric follows the shape of the body, giving the garments comfort, freedom of movement and optimal fit.

We Celebrate Every Body

We are passionately committed to uplifting and empowering individuals by embracing body diversity. Our shapewear is designed to highlight the beauty of bodies in all shapes, sizes, and shades. We reject the notion of a one-size-fits-all beauty standard, focusing instead on creating garments that make you feel confidently you.

Our mission extends beyond aesthetics; it's about fostering self-love and self-acceptance. We collaborate with body-positive activists and communities to spread the message of inclusivity, ensuring that everyone feels seen and valued. Whether you're wearing our shapewear for a special occasion or as a daily confidence booster, know that you are perfect just the way you are.