Pot of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day

I haven’t done much for St. Patrick’s Day in the past. There were a couple of years during university that it was a pretty big deal – mainly because it was a reason to go out drinking. One year we were actually given green food at the dorm – green mashed potato is pretty fun! But […] Read more…


Why I Blog + Bloggers Who Inspired Me to Start

I first discovered blogs at the end of 2008. I had just finished high school and was preparing to move away for university. As I do with any big change or decision in life I panicked for a little while and then got super organised. The first part of getting organised was to google “what […] Read more…


Neutral Nails for the Office

I often like to keep my nails quite neutral for work – not because my office is super conservative, although it is quite corporate – but because I don’t want to worry about whether my nails match my makeup and outfit. Yes, I can be that particular! I cannot wear pink lipstick with red nails […] Read more…


Personalise Black & White Prints with Paint

Sometimes when I’m looking for a print or piece of art, I’m looking for something with specific colours or shapes and designs – I presume you might sometimes be the same – so I wanted to come up with a project where you could personalise some of my prints. I’ve designed eight black and white A4 […] Read more…


2015 Reader Survey + Competition

I want to hear from you! I’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to fill out the A Lovely Look reader survey. This survey will help me plan posts, steer A Lovely Look in the right direction and make sure you get more of what you want! To sweeten the deal, if you’re in New Zealand, […] Read more…


Confetti Nail Art

Sometimes you just need a little confetti in your life! I absolutely love this confetti nail art – it’s perfect for a birthday party or just any day you want to add a little fun to your look. It’s also really easy to do! You just need a handful of nail polishes and some nail […] Read more…


DIY Ice Cream Decorating

I love a good ice cream sundae. Give me vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and m&ms and I’ll be a happy girl! One of my favourite desserts is a DIY sundae bar. It looks impressive but it’s easy to set up and guests love it! I wanted to do something along the lines of a […] Read more…


How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut

I’ve had a pixie cut for almost four years now and I’ve decided it’s time for grow it out. I’ve tried to grow it out twice before but never really committed to it. About three months ago I decided I was really going to grow out my pixie cut this time. At the moment I’m […] Read more…


5 Tips for Building a House

I haven’t shared as much of our house process as I would’ve liked. There wasn’t anything happening for such a long time so I really didn’t have anything to share and then all of a sudden everything started happening at once. Instead of sharing a long and detailed update I thought I’d quickly go over […] Read more…


Hello 2015!

2014 2014 was an interesting year; it was challenging yet still filled with some exciting moments. THE CHALLENGES It was my first year of working full-time and the transition from university to full-time work was really hard. I was so happy to have the routine and structure that comes with a full-time job but at […] Read more…

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