Easter Egg Print


Easter has well and truly snuck up on me! There’s just over a week to go – which makes me rather shocked we’re almost a quarter through the year but it also makes me very excited! Between my new job, my surgery and the new house I am in need of a break! A long weekend full of chocolate, family and relaxing sounds idyllic! I’ve got a few Easter projects over the next week and we’re starting with this geometric egg print I designed.


Rose ‘My Lips but Better’ Lip Colours


Thanks to Kylie Jenner, nude 90s style lips is the It look at the moment. Everyone seems to be looking for that perfect lip product and method to get Kylie’s pout. While I am a Kardashian/Jenner fan, personally I love the trend because it’s so easy to wear. My take on this look is more rose and mauve than Kylie’s brown-based nudes. I tend to gravitate more towards ‘my lips but better’ colours than true nudes (although I have thrown a nude in here!). I love that no matter what outfit I’m wearing or how I’ve done the rest of my makeup I can still wear all of these shades.


St. Patrick’s Day Drink Stirrers



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! My main goal in life is to create the life I want and have fun along the way. This is also the main focus of A Lovely Look; I want to inspire you to create the life you want through creativity, celebrating, DIY and – most importantly – following your dreams. For me, celebrating the traditional holidays like Christmas and Easter, as well as the fun ones like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day are all part of what makes life fun. I love getting crafty, spending time with friends and just spreading joy, fun and kindness. So whether you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or not, I hope you have a wonderful day today doing things you love and working towards your dreams while having fun along the way.


Nut Candle Holder

DIY-Nut-Candle-HolderI have a lot of candles placed around the house – mostly church candles and scented Ecoya ones – but I wanted to incorporate some table candles. They give me an instant feeling of nostalgia and happiness. I have fond memories of them burning during family roasts. I’d been brainstorming ideas for candle holders for a while – I’ve got a few more coming up – when I was in my boyfriend’s workshop having a look through his tools and supplies as we chatted and he worked. Suddenly I got the idea to turn some nuts into candle holders!


Home Décor Books


The completion of our new house is getting closer, although we still don’t have a final date! We’re expecting it to be within the next 6-8 weeks though (please keep your fingers crossed for us) so we’re now reaching new levels of excitement!

In order to keep myself from going mad in this seemingly never-ending waiting game I’ve been searching for inspiration and planning our décor. You might remember I started looking on Pinterest over eight months ago but I then stopped for a while.

Lucky for me, my amazing family and friends bought me several home décor books for my birthday and Christmas. These two events were timed perfectly with the start of our build in December. I’ve spent many hours perusing them this summer and my head is now exploding with ideas. My plan is to now gather all my ideas and sort them into room plans and shopping lists – I’ve started a wishlist board on Pinterest which is rather handy!


St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art


A holiday or celebration isn’t complete without a little themed nail art. I love a good excuse to have some fun with makeup and nail polish – and St. Patrick’s Day is certainly a good excuse! For this nail art I wanted to do something quick and easy that focuses more on the colour green than the usual symbols and icons.






DIY Matte Black Vase


A couple of years ago I associated matte black with dirty boyracer cars. It was not a good look! You can blame Myron for the fact that I even notice cars (he is a car fanatic and engineer after all!). Somewhere along the line though, matte black started creeping its way into homeware and it was classy! I really love how people are using it in place of stainless steel on faucets and door handles. I’ve been thinking I might do matte black door handles in our new house but I wanted to test the look in a cheaper, less permanent way first. You never know, you might love something on Pinterest but hate it in real life.


Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti Print

Throw-kindness-around-like-confettiI saw this quote floating around Pinterest a few months ago and thought it was just perfect. I’m big on being kind and treating others with respect. For starters, it’s a lot easier to be kind than it is to be mean or rude. Secondly, I wouldn’t want to ever cause anyone any unnecessary pain. Lastly, I believe you attract the energy you put out – if you go throwing kindness around, it is bound to come back to you! So of course I had to turn this into a print.


Pot of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day

Pot-of-Gold-for-St-Patrick's-DayI haven’t done much for St. Patrick’s Day in the past. There were a couple of years during university that it was a pretty big deal – mainly because it was a reason to go out drinking. One year we were actually given green food at the dorm – green mashed potato is pretty fun! But other than that I haven’t really celebrated it. Last year though, there were so many cute St. Patrick’s Day crafts and DIYs around that I decided I would celebrate it this year. I am half Irish after all! We’ll probably have a few friends over on the day and play some games, watch this movie (one of my favourites from my childhood) and eat some yummy treats. None of us drink alcohol so we’ll be indulging in sweet treats instead! I’ll be sharing several St. Patrick’s Day projects in the lead up to the day.

These DIY pots of gold make cute decorations and of course are filled with delicious treats!



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