Halloween Treat Bag | Printable


It’s October 1st which means it’s now perfectly acceptable for me to start talking about Halloween! Phew! I thought this day would never come – I’ve been waiting for weeks to start talking about some of the projects you’ll see in upcoming posts. For those of you who don’t know I absolutely love Halloween! The […] Read more…

Mini Tissue Paper Tassel Garland


I’ve recently become quite obsessed with garlands; they’re such a cute way to add a little something extra to your party décor and it’s easy to make a bunch of variations to tie into your theme. It all started with my donut garland and I’ve got several more lined up to share with you over the next few […] Read more…

Popcorn Recipes


My favourite way to eat popcorn is with a pinch of salt and lashings of butter. Pair this with a good movie and I’m a happy bunny! I like having popcorn as an everyday snack though – not just at the movies – so I wanted to try out a few different flavour combos. After lots of experimenting […] Read more…

Thank You Cards | Printable


When I was younger I absolutely hated writing thank you cards – I don’t know whether it was because I was shy or if I just couldn’t be bothered. Nevertheless my mom constantly reminded me of the importance of thank you cards. She made sure that after every birthday party, any other time I received a […] Read more…

Sunday Evening ‘Me Time’


Having a little ‘me time’ on a Sunday evening is the perfect end to the weekend and start to the week. By nature I find it hard to relax – I constantly have a million thoughts running through my head and I’m always thinking about what I need/want to do next. I also have quite a busy […] Read more…

DIY Star-shaped Treat Box


Last week one of my best friends achieved something she’d been working towards for a long time. I was so proud of her and really wanted to show her this. I decided to make her a star-shaped treat box, fill it with lollies and attach a note to tell her what a star she is and […] Read more…

What’s On My Nails | Spring Flowers


I never thought I’d say this but I’m over winter! Yesterday it finally started to feel like spring was on its way and we spent a good part of the day out in the sun so I thought I’d do a little spring-inspired nail art tutorial. SUPPLIES BASE NAIL COLOUR | ORANGE OR YELLOW FOR […] Read more…

DIY Sprinkle Mug


Who loves sprinkles? All of you? I thought as much! Sprinkles just make everything better – cakes, donuts, sundaes and now mugs! I’d been seeing this drawing on mugs with sharpies trend all over Pinterest for the last couple of years and wanted to give it a go myself. A lot of the ones I’ve […] Read more…

Decorative Birthday Candles | DIY


I love birthdays! You’re probably thinking of course you do Hannah, everyone does! But I mean I really really love birthdays! I love everything about them – shopping for presents, wrapping presents, opening presents, baking, crafting, eating, playing games, dancing and celebrating! I’m always up for celebrating the people I love and awesome life events […] Read more…

Donut Party Invitations & Decorations | Printable


We had some friends over on the weekend and I wanted to make things a little more festive than our usual dinners and somehow I came up with a donut theme. The thought popped into my mind and I just went with it because everyone loves donuts (and let’s be honest dessert for dinner is always […] Read more…

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