DIY Ice Cream Decorating

I love a good ice cream sundae. Give me vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and m&ms and I’ll be a happy girl! One of my favourite desserts is a DIY sundae bar. It looks impressive but it’s easy to set up and guests love it! I wanted to do something along the lines of a […] Read more…


How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut

I’ve had a pixie cut for almost four years now and I’ve decided it’s time for grow it out. I’ve tried to grow it out twice before but never really committed to it. About three months ago I decided I was really going to grow out my pixie cut this time. At the moment I’m […] Read more…


5 Tips for Building a House

I haven’t shared as much of our house process as I would’ve liked. There wasn’t anything happening for such a long time so I really didn’t have anything to share and then all of a sudden everything started happening at once. Instead of sharing a long and detailed update I thought I’d quickly go over […] Read more…


Hello 2015!

2014 2014 was an interesting year; it was challenging yet still filled with some exciting moments. THE CHALLENGES It was my first year of working full-time and the transition from university to full-time work was really hard. I was so happy to have the routine and structure that comes with a full-time job but at […] Read more…


New Year’s Eve Glitter

If you want an excuse to wear glitter then it’s certainly New Year’s Eve. Not that you need an excuse, I happily wear glitter in some form or another nearly every day; if it’s not in my nail polish or eyeshadow then I’m bound to get covered in it during a craft project. I’ve rounded up […] Read more…


Reddy for Christmas

What’s Christmas without a little bit of red in your beauty look? I’m partial to red any time of year – you’ll often find it on my nails and lips (at the same time!) so I certainly embrace it this time of year. These are my favourite reds beauty products if you’re looking to incorporate […] Read more…


Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

You mightn’t know this about me but I LOVE hot chocolates. I also love M&Ms! I’m obsessed! I’ve had custom M&Ms picked out for my wedding for probably 7 years. So when my best friend Perri went to New York she brought me back a bunch of different M&Ms. The Christmas white chocolate peppermint M&Ms […] Read more…


Christmas Pie Crust Cookies

These Christmas pie crust cookies are so easy and don’t really involve much baking that it feels kind of wrong to call it a recipe. One evening last year we watched our first Christmas movie of the season (in September!) and we wanted something sweet and yummy to eat while we watched but we didn’t really have much in the house and we […] Read more…


Printable Meal Plan

When we were students we barely ate out – mostly because we couldn’t really afford it but also because one of us was always home by early afternoon so it was just easier. Now we’re both working full-time it’s a lot harder to always cook dinner as we’re home so late. We also have more of a […] Read more…

DIY Sprinkle Balloon Tutorial | A Lovely Look

DIY Sprinkle Balloon

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but I love DIYs that are quick, easy and inexpensive. This one certainly ticks all three boxes! After my Bat Balloon DIY for Halloween I’ve been itching to do some more balloon projects. It was my birthday the weekend before last so I wanted to make a […] Read more…

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