My First Sewing Project

I did my first sewing project last weekend - with the help of my mom of course! My mom is a crafting queen and can make just about anything so when she came to stay we immediately got out my sewing machine. We hunted around Pinterest for a simple project and found this one which seemed easy […] Read more…


Merino Handwarmers

This isn’t the kind of item i’d usually write about but I love these merino handwarmers so much I just had to share! I’m one of those people who really feels the cold and my hands and feet are constantly cold to the touch. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love winter but I just […] Read more…


Fruit Print | Free Printable

I’m not sure whether it’s the anticipation of our move or the influence of overseas bloggers but I’m getting rather excited for summer (this is unusual for me as I’m a winter bunny through and through). During the northern hemisphere’s summer this year (our winter) I’ve been noticing fruit all over the place – not […] Read more…


Top DIY Refrigerator Makeovers

Clockwise from top left: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 There’s not much I love more than a DIY/makeover project with an extreme final result. I love projects to also be relatively straightforward and low in cost but for me it’s really about that final result that has a wow factor and looks flawless but a little […] Read more…


Bliss Balls

I’ll never be one to deny myself treats – I can’t turn down macarons, hot chocolates or anything salted caramel – but I am trying to eat healthier on a day-to-day basis. The hardest part of this for me is craving something sweet after meals. The internet’s solution to this? Bliss balls of course! They’ve […] Read more…


Bloggers Made Me

I first saw this type of post on Estée’s blog and thought it was so fun! I’ve since seen similar posts on other blogs so thought I’d do one too. I rounded up a few products that were raved about (many times) by some of my favourite bloggers and inevitably made their way into my […] Read more…


DIY | Circle Punch Art

I had such fun with this project and the final result was about a thousand times better than I thought it would be! There’s a few different pieces and a lot of steps involved but it’s actually quite a simple project. You’ve probably gathered by now that I’m all about cheap and easy projects that […] Read more…


July Beauty Favourites

I haven’t done a monthly favourites in a while – mainly because I don’t change up my beauty routine all too often. Recently though, between my new purchases from Sydney and the change in weather I have found some new gems and rediscovered some old gems. This month has been absolutely freezing and my skin […] Read more…


Learning to Sew

I’ve always been a creative person – many of my weekends throughout my childhood were spent drawing, creating and crafting – but I never really learnt to sew. Every now and again I gave it a go – mainly when I had to for Girl Guides or for school. Recently I’d been thinking that’d I’d like […] Read more…


Hand Cream for Winter

I’ve only recently become interested in hand creams – before I discovered this Antipodes one I hadn’t really found one I got along with. This winter my skin has been even more dry than usual so I decided to put some more hand creams to the test and come up with a little ‘routine’ that […] Read more…

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